steps for safely worshiping on campus again

Much prayer, preparation and excitement has been poured into the decision to reopen the Crosspoint Church campus starting June 7. It will look different - and may do so for a while. But with everyone’s understanding and participation, we can still have the warm and welcoming experience that has drawn each of us to Crosspoint.

  • Services will be held at the regular times of 8:30, 9:45 and 11 a.m.  An interactive online service will continue to be provided at 9:45 a.m. for anyone who is considered in the vulnerable population or who would feel more comfortable to wait a little longer before meeting in person.
  • Because of the limited seating (50 percent capacity) in the Worship Center. Rows in the Worship Center will be shorter and further apart. 

  • Please Reserve Your Seat(s) in advance for you and family at one of the three services. Everyone is asked to check-in at the table set up the Worship Center entrance. This will help ensure that everyone has a seat and no one has to be turned away. 
  • The church is being sanitized before each Sunday, and seats and touch surfaces will be re-sanitized between services. 
  • No coffee service will be provided.
  • To help with social distancing, the only entry to the church will be through the front double doors facing west. The single west side door will be the exit. Attendees will be dismissed by sections.

  • Children’s services and baby care will NOT be offered until July. Children will need to sit with their parents during the service.

  • Camp Create will not be held this summer, but instead, something special will be held in the fall.

Ways we can help each other stay safe & well

  • We encourage you and your family to wear a mask, especially while in the building, and keep smiling! While you cannot literally see a smile behind a mask, it still comes through in your eyes and tone of your voice. Smiles are contagious - even behind a mask!

  • Be mindful to stay at least 6 feet from people not in your household. As hard as it will be, do not hug or shake hands. 

  • Please arrive on time to check in and help seating go smoothly. We ask that three seats are left empty between an individual and/or family cluster sitting on the same row.

    Example: John Doe, who is attending alone, would have 3 empty seats between him and the Jones family of 5, which is clustered next to each other and has 3 empty seats on the other side of the Jones family between them and Mr. and Mrs. Smith sitting next to each other.

  • The offering plates will not be passed. However, receptacles will be placed at the entrance and exit of the Worship Center so please place your tithe or a gift in one of these.

  • The offering plates will not be passed. However, receptacles will be placed at the entrance and exit of the Worship Center so please place your tithe or a gift in one of these or you can give online.

  • We want to see you, but if you are experiencing any of the symptoms described by the Center for Disease Control, please do not come to church but contact your physician for instructions. 

  • Continue to pray for one another and the leadership of the church for wisdom and discernment as we walk through this season together.

The staff will continue to evaluate our state and local government guidelines and monitor local health data on a weekly basis to ensure re-entry is safe for our church family. If you have questions, feel free to email or call the church - (228) 328-2481.