Whether you are single/single-again and planning to get married or already married, Crosspoint Church offers something for every stage of matrimony to help couples prepare, maximize and repair. We are committed to helping families grow by creating a foundation of healthy relationships, especially within marriages. So much so, we provide trained Marriage Mentors  to help prepare couples to launch new lives together, thrive in a season of growth or navigate issues and crises that threaten the health of your marriage.


Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. More than a million couples have used the award-winning Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS for short) created by Dr. Les & Leslie Parrott, and now–through the new SYMBIS Assessment, we can help you prepare for lifelong love like never before. Contact Crosspoint Church's certified SYMBIS facilitator to get started on your personal assessment.

Meet the team.

Shane & Lisa Clark

Shane & Lisa Clark have been married for over 26 years and have a passion for honoring God with their marriage while helping others prepare for marriage and enrich their marriage. During a season of their own marriage Shane & Lisa witnessed several Christian couples divorce that made them realize that no marriage is exempt from divorce if not safeguarded, enriched, and most importantly centered around Christ. As a result Shane and Lisa began to take practical steps towards safeguarding and enriching their own marriage to honor God and each other. This journey has led Shane and Lisa into marriage ministry at Crosspoint Church. Shane and Lisa have completed the Marriage Mentoring Academy and are also SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) /SYMBIS+ facilitators through Dr. Les & Leslie Parrot SYMBIS program. 

Lester & Nora  Barton

Lester and Nora Barton have been married for over 27 years. Over the course of their marriage they have not only seen marriages ending in divorce throughout the church, they also faced a time in their marriage that they too were facing divorce. Understanding that Satan has attacked the home from the very beginning of creation by tempting Adam and Eve in the garden,  the Bartons have learned how he continues to attack the family because it is the foundation of society. So when the home falls, the church falls, and when the church falls, the nation falls. After seeing the devastation that the storm left in their own marriage and experiencing the hope that God can heal any marriage, Lester and Nora have decided to share their story and join the marriage ministry at Crosspoint Church.

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